About the Flock

Flock Beginnings

Hey Flockers! Amber started this crazy adventure as a home baker 7 years ago because frankly, she was sick of the grocery store cake life!! After 15 years in the service industry, Amber decided to take her chances and do her own thing in 2021! Shortly after that, her great friend Curt decided he wanted in on the fun too (he's more of the business person, but will help in the kitchen when needed)! Everything is made from scratch with love and care! They pride themselves on combining quality food with art for all ages to enjoy! Their goal is to continue to grow and expand their menu options and develop new decorating techniques so keep checking in for new items! Thank you all for your continued support and letting The Baking Flamingos bring sweetness to your table!

The Flock

Amber Sanne

Master Baker | Decorator | Co-owner

Amber was born and raised in Omaha with over 15 years of experience in the catering and baking service industry. She recognized her natural talent and began to research and develop her baking and decorating skills. Amber is committed to creating new and beautiful deserts through experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

Curt Foerster

CFO | Co-owner

Curt hails from Florida but made Omaha his home during high school. He worked in a kitchen during college and loves to create delicious food. While Curt is not afraid of getting messy in a busy kitchen, he specializes in managing the business portion of the bakery. He is committed to keeping the bakery running smoothly and quality assurance testing the products.